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Painting, drawings, collages, photography, computer graphics and music (MP3 files), painted, drawn, constructed, photographed and produced by me




...therefore, it is a question here about pictures. There are once those pictures, which are created in front of the eyes, captured by cameras and there are pictures, which are created in the head. One can only hold these pictures, if one paints, or draws them, with colours, brush, pencils, the computer or even with sounds. Also in the case of music which you can listen here, it is ultimately a question of pictures, of pictures who originate over the ears back into the head of the listener.

This side is not ready, because it is not ment to be ready, it will change as it surely even will grow. Come closer, the admission is free!






Last works : ..... Photography - Color - Room 29 " Living spaces " .... Photography - black&white - Room 24 " the very normal life " .... Video - Road Ufo - on YouTube ..... Digital Art - Houses - Room 10 " virtual Architecture - Quatro " .... With pen and brush - Room 16 " 11 small secrets " ..... Music - " tweezers and stones " .... Painting - Oilpainting - Room 9 .....








Houses - Room 10





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